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[sounds very definitely stressed, and worried, and angry]

Aoko, it's me. Where's your dad right now?
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Alize gripped the wheels of her chair a little tighter than necessary as she made her way up to Kaito's front door. Much as she wanted to know what the story was behind his being Kaitou Kid, and much as she knew that there was no way in hell he could explain that at Hakuba's, she hadn't really wanted to come out here. She'd deliberately been avoiding going out into public ever since the others had brought her back from Merry Widow. She still didn't trust herself, even around her friends, and the possibility that her 'ability' might go off in a crowded public place terrified her to the bone.

She didn't want to be another Widow maker. She didn't want to prove that Eyguebelle might have been right to do what he did. She didn't want to find out that that -- that bomb would go off every time she was angry.

She didn't want to make Hakuba and the others sorry that they'd brought her back to the only home she'd known in a long while.

In her mind, that had originally equated to running away to a place where none of those things could happen -- because in Merry Widow they'd already happened and there wasn't anything left to destroy. But that plan had failed, and she knew her surrogate family wouldn't let her take off a second time. What was more, she didn't have anywhere left to hide. There were a few more abandoned cities on her world that she knew of, but she didn't know the territory or the gangs of any of them, and she was under no illusions that she could survive in such a place without that knowledge. For better or for worse, she was stuck in Ekoda, and as long as that was the case, she was minimizing her human contact as much as possible.

She didn't want to hurt another friend like she'd hurt Haruhi.

Kaito didn't seem to get that. He kept pushing her into going to public places, seeing friends, when she couldn't even get him to admit that she'd killed people. Innocent people, not just akuma. She didn't know if he was in denial, or whether he honestly didn't know that it was true. With Kaito, either was equally possible.

The singer took a shaky breath of cold, damp, early-April air.

She wasn't even sure if Hakuba knew it was true. Doyle had video proof, she was sure of it, but he was smart enough to argue with his creator. He could have kept the information from Hakuba if he wanted to. Then again, if Hakuba did know, could he keep the information from the police?

She wasn't sure she wanted to know. And she was too afraid to ask.

In any case, part of the reason she'd agreed to come was because she was intent on drilling the fact that she was dangerous through Kaito's thick skull. At least Hakuba was smart enough to get out of the way if -- when -- she went crazy. Doyle could be rebuilt, if it came right down to it. But Kaito and Haruhi?

Alize shuddered. She'd already seen a small example of what she could do to them. She didn't want a bigger one. She needed to know they'd run if it happened again, if only for her peace of mind.

Wheeling right up to the porch, she got out of her chair and sat on the top step while she easily lifted the whole thing up over the stairs. Building back up to her old arm strength had been easy once she got over the initial 'hill', and she was back to her habit of bringing her light, foldable chair to people's houses so that she could get around stairs if she needed to. It was slow and awkward to have to keep getting in and out of her chair to get up or around things, but it was better than being stuck entirely.

Alize heaved herself back into the seat and rolled up to the front door, ringing the bell.
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[Somewhere deep, deep in the crumbled, abandoned remains of what was once the slums of Merry Widow, past a half-collapsed armory containing the charred and broken bits of disturbing weapons from a bygone era, there is a rickety old house surrounded by a high wire fence. Perhaps once warm and welcoming, the building now holds all the nostalgia of a bombed-out schoolhouse in a forbidden and forgotten war zone.

A hole has been cut in the chain link fence, just large enough for a person to pass through. Beyond it, the entire wall of the building has been taken out, and the inside is rank with mildew and mist. Rotting books, pictures, wallpaper, and less identifiable substances have seeped into the surroundings, left to decompose where they fell years ago, the sad reminders of a life ended tragically quick. Even the bandits (shady, violent criminals that have made a territory of the remains of the city) and the vagabonds (dusty, homeless wanderers with sticky fingers who hide in the cracks) have left this area well enough alone. It's too dilapidated to safely worldhop straight in, and too far into the ruins to be reached by car or mount. It seems impossible that a wheelchair might have come this way, but if one carefully examines the dusty ground between the jagged chunks of concrete, tire tracks (and deeper dragging tracks) are faintly visible.

There are more tracks inside the house, criss-crossing the filthy floor and the even more filthy remains of old carpets. There are signs that the stairs have been used as well -- not as recently as the tracks, but sometime after the house fell into disrepair. A year or so ago, perhaps? The door at the top of the stairs hangs drunkenly half-on, half-off its hinges, and the massive, echoing room beyond is dark and in complete shambles. The rest of the building is hardly any brighter, half-buried as it is in the debris of the surrounding city. The depressing shades of gray give it the feeling of being frozen forever in some terrible moment in time, sealed off from the outside world of the living. And for a place that was once so filled with music, it is now stuffed to the seams with deadened silence.

It can't possibly be healthy to live here.

For all intents and purposes, nobody's home, and nobody has been for a while. But under the grime, some of the water bottles and garbage look newer than the rest, and there's plenty of nooks and crannies in the former music academy that are large enough to hide a person...]
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[And hello, large mecha piloted by Jr. dropping in for a visit. Good thing the TARDIS has a garage somewhere in its labyrinth of rooms, or the landing might have been a bit awkward. Alize thanks Jr. and heads off into the hallways, carrying her bag.]

[Has no idea how to get to the control room, so hey, let's try the quickest method for finding people.]

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*sitting on her bed at the Order, a small bag of her belongings with her and a pair of crutches. looking around at the room both in an attempt to get a good last look and to distract herself (even though Komui said she's always welcome to visit)*
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*yay, leg therapy! has spent the last hour or so practicing walking with Komui's help. but though she's been improving a lot recently, today she's been doing a lot worse than usual. when it's finally over, she collapses kind of shakily in her chair and presses a hand to her forehead*

Thanks, Komui. *mumbles*
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*is waiting in her room in the Order, wearing her regular outfit again and doing her usual leg exercises off the edge of the bed. Is currently working on regaining mobility in her ankles, humming under her breath while she does so*
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*is sitting in her room in the Order--there aren't many other places in the complex that don't always have a number of Finders or Exorcists wandering around, and she wants a measure of privacy. Is sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing a long-skirted dress Komui lent her, swinging her legs against the bed as a movement exercise. She's wincing occasionally, but she's obviously much more mobile than she used to be. Is also singing a little rhyme in time with her swings*

To and fro from yours to Cecil St.
You wore the same shirt that you wore last week,
Should I shake your hand or kiss your cheek?
Convince you it's not lust, it's chemistry.
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Alize wasn't a particularly vivid dreamer.

Usually her dreams were disconnected things that made no sense, and when she woke up she was usually left with some kind of leftover feeling rather than any clear images or memories of what she had dreamed about. Even staying so long at the Black Order hadn't changed that, although every time she woke up she expected to be in her room back in Widow's Kiss, and had to remind herself each morning of where she was.

So waking up in a weird, blue-gray monochrome world that was completely unfamiliar was more than a little confusing. )
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*is sitting outside the back gate to Rusty Nail, away from the Shinku's nest, although it's still easily visible from here. Is not a happy camper. His feet are dangling over the footrests of his chair, and the wheels are now at the wrong height. Plus he is lanky and almost gangly-looking, which he doesn't like either. Has his chin propped on one fist and is muttering a surprisingly varied string of curses under his breath. Did I mention that this body has done nothing for his temper?*
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*is waiting outside the gates of the city just next to the Shinku's nest, which is empty. is not in her chair for once, having opted to sit herself on a large rock in the shade, at the base of one of the trees supporting the nest. has obviously settled herself in for a long wait, as she's got a bag with her and a number of songbooks that she's currently leafing through*
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*is waiting on the outskirts of Zaza, looking out over the cliffs across the sea. it's a bit chilly today, so is wearing a jacket over her usual outfit. is unusually sombre, Silver's death still sinking in somewhat. the hi-fi gun is kept in her lap, her white-knuckled grip on the weapon the only indication that she's not particularly happy about this trip*
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((OOC: Backdated by . . . a considerable number of days; takes place the day after Ed and Roy arrive at Zaza.))

Alize rolled off the train onto the station situated just outside the City of Corpse, lit by the early morning sun. It was nearly as large as the one at Zaza, but wasn't even half as populated--what few people (if you could call them people--most of them looked like something that could have crawled out from under a bed) were there merely gave the new arrivals a once-over and returned to their business.

Alize barely gave the locals a second glance, turning her chair to look back at the train.

"Come on!" she called. "We've only got until ten at night before we have to catch the train back to Zaza."
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Having had Ari drop her off and not wanting to subject the boy to--whatever this world was, it was pretty crowded and intimidating, in any case--Alize entered the hospital alone. Or at least, as alone as she could be while surrounded by strangers. Alize was never much of one to be frightened by crowds, though, and she was busy being amazed by the ease she had getting in--she'd never seen so many handicap-friendly options in her life. If she was uncharacteristically hesitant, it was mostly because she was trying to keep her hopes from getting too high.

It was difficult, though. The hospital looked incredibly advanced, and she certainly wasn't the only one in a wheelchair. If they could fix all these people, they should be able to help fix her legs, right?

Just because people are here doesn't mean that they can be fixed, she reminded herself sternly, and wheeled herself up to what looked like the front desk, catching the attention of a receptionist. She kept her head high, though her knuckles were white from the force of her grip on her wheels.

"My name's Alize. I'm supposed to see either Dr. House or Dr. Cuddy?"
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*wheels off of the train onto the station platform - they're level so she doesn't need a ramp. The station's fairly busy, people already coming from all over to get ready for the Masquerade, and beyond the stations narrow streets can just be seen filled with hawkers and carts piled high with masks. The chatter of the crowd is raised above the faintly heard crash of the sea, far below the city on stilts. Turns and waves back at the train*

Come on, Ari!
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*is a morning person! Despite staying up all night trading instrument and singing tips. Is already dressed, wheels through the doorway (all specially wide to accomodate her chair) and pokes Demyx where he's sleeping on the couch*

C'mon, sleepyhead. You want omelettes or waffles?


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