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Jan. 15th, 2009 11:20 pm
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Planned out in minute, excruciating detail! )


Dec. 25th, 2008 07:10 pm
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Dec. 23rd, 2008 06:52 pm
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Christmas gifts!

Kaito - A glow-in-the-dark picture book. |D Nah, really, a book on Campari, a famous conjurer from her world who was incarcerated in (and then escaped from) the maximum security prison Seventh Heaven. Have scans and an awesome OVA for details. :D Also a copy of Escape From Monkey Island~
Aoko - The song she promised to write for her. And as an extra bonus: Kaito singing it! (Or the live version, anyway. Alize is singing the recorded version that's going on the mix tape Kaito is making Aoko.)
Hakuba - An elegantly decorated high-end maple violin made in Widow's Kiss; nears Stradivarius in terms of quality.
Baaya - Live recording of one of the best classical string quartets in Widow's Kiss.
Hakuba's Dad - ...Some kind of prank gift idk. SNAKES IN A CAN? And licorice allsorts.
Haruhi - An amp to go with the guitar she gave her last year. It's the pedal-switch kind that lets you do all kinds of funky sound effects.
Train - A leather bomber jacket. He's hard to shop for, okay.
Demyx - ...A new sitar carved with water designs. It's different from the one she got Dyme, though, in that it's a lighter shade of blue and has white and gold accents instead of gunmetal and silver. LEFT ANONYMOUSLY.
Jordan - Homemade donuts. They turned out pretty well, too! All kinds of flavours~
Eva - A pair of chokers.
Komui - High quality coffee! :D LEFT ANONYMOUSLY.
Jing and Kir - Also donuts because she doesn't know what else to give them.
LKAHSFLKSAHF SORRY KYON - The Science of Doctor Who. |D And a tribble.

Shinichi - Red and white sweater, and the Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.
Conan - She heard Myst was a puzzle video game, so she thought Conan might like it and got him that. She has no idea how hard it actually is, but he probably won't mind. |D
Heiji - ....I'm pretty sure girls only get Christmas presents for guys they like (like like) in Japan. In any case, I have no idea what she'd get him even if that weren't the case. Probably something generic like gloves.
Kazuha - A cute shoulder bag.

Jing and Kir
Shia - A Christmas visit (and some treats to go with, probably a yule log or something)
Alize - Gramps' diary. He went and dug it up out of the rubble in Merry Widow. Still readable!


Feb. 1st, 2008 11:58 pm
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( 20 facts meme~ )
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There are no AMVs for Alize, since she isn't even remotely anywhere near the anime, and like hell I'm making a slideshow. So have the very very very awesome OVA instead.

She kind of makes a cameo at 7:35, though! )

And as for Cheetor, um. I'm kind of surprised that there were AMVs! But there were! And one of them wasn't even half bad! So here you go.

Pretty good use of scene selection, actually! )


Dec. 3rd, 2007 02:13 pm
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Right, so, there was supposed to be a log where Alize invited a bunch of her trusted friends to go with her to Blow Shit Up in the old Merry Widow; and by Shit I mean Weapons of Mass Destruction that she doesn't think should be left to sit around. She went to Orlando to get code that would lock the invite against anyone who might use the weapons for malicious purposes.

Howeeeeeever, with Demyx leaving, Alize being emo, and my comm time being so intermittant (stupid finals), I've decided to just pull a "lol it already happened", sometime before Demyx decided to regain his heart.

So if anyone wants to say they participated, feel free! The city is in ruins, and they had to climb through some half-collapsed buildings to get to the various Weapons o' Doom. While that was going on Alize would take her more trusted friends (Haruhi, Demyx, Ed, Orlando, etc. out of whoever showed up; you guys know who you are) to the remains of her old house where her friends were brutally murdered years before (note that the mossy stain on the steps in the first picture is actually where the corpse is lying in the second). Through a now-busted door at the top of the house is the Invincible, which is this giant mechanized structure. It's broken and fractured, but Alize would keep at it until the entire thing was rubble, since it's rather the bane of her existence.

She'd be rather, erm, exuberant about destroying the thing, but afterwards would have been noticeably relieved.

. . . That's all I can think of to say!
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Easiest way to get on his good side: Pretty damn easy! Being a generally okay person will usually do it.
Easiest way to get on his bad side: Do anything to hurt anyone in Cloud's group, especially the kids, or to the niche trio or Namine or Allen (not that he's around any more 9_9) or Haruhi (once he's over his trauma); be a mass murderer or psychopath or otherwise cruel and uncaring; be careless with other people's feelings; and if you do anything to upset Aeris, so help him, you are getting a beating--or at the very least a dressing down. And he's ex-military, people, he knows how to do it even if I don't.
Favorite person: Aeris, hands down.
Favorite person met on the comm: He likes a lot of people, actually, although he likes Axel and Roxas best (FFVII people don't count, of course, since technically he knew them all before the comm even if he'd never physically met them).

Easiest way to get on her good side: Stand up for other people, be fun to talk to, like music, or be a little bit anarchist. :D Or be Jing.
Easiest way to get on her bad side: Take advantage of people. Otherwise lie to/manipulate people on a grand scale. Hurt children. Be unjust/unfair. Or just be a jerk.
Favorite person: Demyx and Haruhi pretty much tie.
Favorite person met on the comm: Same! She doesn't really have any friends outside the comm. :<

Princess Marlene
Easiest way to get on her good side: Be ingratiating. Do what she tells you to, and be polite about it. She also takes to people who take the role of mentor and will teach her useful things (like Ari's mother).
Easiest way to get on her bad side: Be rude and insulting. Force something, especially your ideals, upon her. Flirt with Ari. Be Stan.
Favorite person: Beiloune, actually (she doesn't remotely remember what he did to her). Ari is a close second.
Favorite person met on the comm: Ramza and Mytho seem to be a tie.

Easiest way to get on her good side: Acknowledge she exists. |D; Take her to do fun, normal things, somewhere where she isn't invisible to everyone.
Easiest way to get on her bad side: Hurt Ari, either emotionally or physically. Be cruel to the princess.
Favorite person: Ari.
Favorite person met on the comm: Hm, she hasn't talked much, but she liked Panchito.


Sep. 24th, 2007 09:37 pm
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If you could ask any of my characters any questions? What would it be? He/She could take the time and actually answer them without having it being in the situation where it has to be in character. You can take this opportunity to ask my characters how the feel about yours, or why a certain character does something, or how can a certain character do something else.

OOC: Meme~!

Jun. 3rd, 2007 02:03 am
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Brutally honest post, blah blah blah, Zack and Alize. 8D
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Name: Alizé (I'm just too lazy to type the accent. XD)
Age: . . . I keep forgetting how old I made her. Uh. I'm pretty sure it was nineteen.

What's Okay To Mention Around Her:

If you are a crazy psychopath, she will not like you. If you are an advocate of the oppression/control of the masses, she will especially not like you. (This girl is a one-woman vigilante who spent her whole life hunting down the leader of her city for what she believed to be exactly that.) If you are a believer in the sacrifice of a few for the good of the many . . . she will be sullen, and will argue for the rights of the few, but she can, at least, see why some people would think that. She just doesn't like it.

Pretty much anything else is a-okay. If you know Jing, she will immediately want to talk to you. If you have any kind of musical background, she will also immediately want to talk to you. If you're a singer, you're the next closest thing to an instant BFF, provided you don't fall into the previously-listed negative categories. :D


Well. She was the trigger to a giant war machine of doom, but as said machine no longer exists, that's a moot point. She's also mostly paralyzed from the waist down, so she can't even kick ass the way she'd like to. But if you get her mad she can be a hell on wheels, and she knows how to operate efficiently as a small force going up against or hiding from a greater force. She also has access to a variety of really weird weapons that other worlds will most likely have never seen. She doesn't particularly like weapons, but she'll use them if she considers it necessary. Nowadays she pretty much always carries around her hi-fi gun if she's away from home, which fires pressurized air and enough noise to temporarily deafen and disorient most people. She can also set pitch, so if she really wanted she could probably use it to rupture your eardrums.

Notes for the Psychics:

Is not nearly as secure or confident as she seems, but she hides it and forces onward by virtue of temper and sheer determination. Is also very, very upset by the loss of use of her legs, mostly because it's caused the people around her to pity her and treat her as if she's frail; it makes her feel weak, and her strength is all she has. Also has a tragic past; was an orphan, and the choir 'family' she grew up with and that she loved very much (and was mostly formed of other children her age) was slaughtered by a man (Eyguebelle) because they had the potential to trigger the Invincible, a great war machine in the War of Grammar. She thought he'd done it for money and so he could become the leader of Merry Widow, and then dedicated her life to killing him. Then a thief named Jing showed up and announced his attention to 'steal' the Invisible (Invincible), and long story short, they found out that without the machine the city couldn't survive, Alize was shot (resulting in her paralysis) and nearly triggered the machine, and Jing blew the whole thing up, thus causing Merry Widow to collapse and forcing all the residents to relocate. Eyguebelle lost his arm in the fight and is now Alize's caretaker in an attempt at repentance. She doesn't hate him any more, but she has yet to really become fond of him.

All of this will probably be very accessible, because she thinks about it all the time. :D

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?:

Sure! She will just likely be very, very angry. And deck you, if at all possible.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact:

If you're same-sex and/or not overtly romantic, she will likely be surprised and perhaps a little awkward (if she doesn't know you well) from hugs, although she enjoys taking and giving them (although sometimes she's a little rough. She counts a noogie as a hug sometimes XD). Kisses or anything worse had damn well better be solicited from her first, or she's breaking out the cymbals.


Alize has definitely got her share of irrational hotheadedness, and she's not at all afraid of getting in over her head, so I'm actually rather open to her getting severely injured because, well, it's probably inevitable with the characters on this comm. :D; But for death check beforehand plz.
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If anyone has any questions or comments or criticism regarding any of my characters, ask here. You can ask why I play them the way I do, why they do certain things, what their usernames mean, what their canon is, whatever. This is just all out discussion, along with traditional concrit.


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