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Planned out in minute, excruciating detail! )
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I really, really hate gods. Like it wasn't bad enough when they first showed up here. Now there's even more of them. And what was with that one idiot guy who kept saying hockey is better than basketball?!

Okay, Kaito, Hakuba! This is a list of all the places on my world I know about. Just tell me which ones you want to go see first. And get Aoko and Akako to look at them too!

Blue Hawaii - It's this coastal city up north. A lot of people go there for vacation, but it's pretty boring.

the White Night Desert - A huge desert that takes up most of the middle of the continent. Supposedly only the nomads know how to get through the whole thing.

the City of Corpse - On the far side of the White Night Desert. Mostly demons and ghouls live there. I heard their new prince just got instated.

Sungria - There's a lot of mining done there, and it's mostly deserts and badlands. Kind of backwards, too. Like a western movie. Hakuba, you need to get more of those by the way. They're fun.

Aviation - It's a city south of the White Night Desert. They deal in electricity, and it's where the cat people live.

Rusty Nail - Near Widow's Kiss. They're really popular for their medicine and the Guardian Bird. The chief surgeon, Doctor Uryan, is really skilled. I've met him before.

Moulin Rouge - Also near my hometown. They're the funeral district to go along with the medicinal one. It's a really big city, though, and a lot of people visit it. There used to be a Love Tax, but I heard it was lifted a few years ago.

Czarine - The floating City of Ore. I don't really know a lot about it, except that you need to watch out for the Tovarisch.

Pompier - Pretty far north. They're known for their artists, and their paints and colours. The alcohol's supposed to be pretty good, too.

You guys've already been to Zaza, of course. There's no way we're going to the City of Thieves, even if I knew how to get there. Which I don't.

And then there's the ruined cities. Reviver, Orgeat, and Rocket Town. And Merry Widow.

((She's deliberately not mentioning Adonis because she wants to take Hakuba there sometime as a surprise, because she knows he'll like it. Last strike is unhackable except for uberhackers, ie. gods.))


Jul. 18th, 2007 10:58 pm
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I talked with Dr. Uryan the other day. He told me the story behind the Shinku.

There was a man, who was born and raised just to answer the question of whether or not there was a god. Ever since he was a baby, he was kept locked up in a tower, and wasn't given anything to read except scripture and other religious texts, and had no one to talk to except priests. When he was grown up, they finally took him out of the tower and asked him the question. And he said:

"Yes, there is. For I am God!"

He even had a name for himself, one that was so long that they had to make a room just so they could write it out on the walls. And a lot of people believed he was God, because he knew so much. They say he knew everything. And when his body died, they took his living brain and preserved it: the Holy Brain of Rusty Nail, the Shinku. It was used to monitor the city, and Dr. Uryan used it to perform his Holy Body grafting technique that the city got so famous for.

But the Shinku got tired of being trapped in a container for so long, so Dr. Uryan offered his assistant, Shin Lu, to it. The Shinku was going to take over Shin Lu's body and use her so it could experience the outside world. And it would have, if Jing hadn't shown up and stopped it and Dr. Uryan.

It wasn't... it wasn't all good, either. Because Jing stopped the Shinku, it got angry, and all the Holy Grafting operations that Dr. Uryan had performed on people started going bad. A lot of people died. But Jing released the Shinku, and got Dr. Uryan to use the Holy Grafting one more time to put the Shinku in the body of the city's Guardian Bird, that had died a while ago. Now the Shinku lives free in the body of a giant bird, and Dr. Uryan almost never uses the Holy Grafting.

The... the Doctor thinks the Shinku won't talk to me because it wants me to appreciate the fact that I can still get around. That I'm still free. I think he's right.

He said nowadays the Shinku only intervenes for really serious things, and even then not all the time. I still think what happened to Al is serious, though, so I'm going to stay a little longer and see if it will talk to me about that, at least. It's a long shot, but I don't have anything better to do right now anyway.

And Haruhi, Ed, Eva, Demyx, thank you. I don't know what came over me. I'm going to keep going! Eva's right, there's still lots of things that I can do. I'm not going to let this keep me down any more. Gramps and the others wouldn't like it, and Silver would probably call me pathetic if he knew. If House and Komui can't help me, I'll just have to learn to like my chair.

Ari, are you doing okay? Eyguebelle hasn't been bullying you or anything, has he?


Jul. 6th, 2007 05:44 pm
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((Post-Jing drama! Because threads are taking too long.))

Private, but hackable to friends and anyone like Ten or Dietrich. )
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((OOC: Backdated by . . . a considerable number of days; takes place the day after Ed and Roy arrive at Zaza.))

Alize rolled off the train onto the station situated just outside the City of Corpse, lit by the early morning sun. It was nearly as large as the one at Zaza, but wasn't even half as populated--what few people (if you could call them people--most of them looked like something that could have crawled out from under a bed) were there merely gave the new arrivals a once-over and returned to their business.

Alize barely gave the locals a second glance, turning her chair to look back at the train.

"Come on!" she called. "We've only got until ten at night before we have to catch the train back to Zaza."
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*wheels off of the train onto the station platform - they're level so she doesn't need a ramp. The station's fairly busy, people already coming from all over to get ready for the Masquerade, and beyond the stations narrow streets can just be seen filled with hawkers and carts piled high with masks. The chatter of the crowd is raised above the faintly heard crash of the sea, far below the city on stilts. Turns and waves back at the train*

Come on, Ari!


Apr. 1st, 2007 08:19 pm
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[flocked to Demyx, Axel, Roxas, Ari, and Haruhi]

Nobody in Adonis wants to talk about the grapes. Looks like I'm going to be stuck here for a while until I find something.

Although when I was going through Moulin Rouge, I found something weird. They call them memory machines. Apparently the ruler of the city had a bunch of them manufactured when his beloved died and he wanted to preserve her memory. I have no idea if they work or not not many people need them, it looks like but I got one anyway, just to see.

The pamphlet is weird: )

Looks like a scam, but who knows?

If Adonis turns out to be a dead-end, then I'll go to Rusty Nail next.

I'd better go talk to Block before he leaves the city.

And I learned a new song in Moulin Rouge. )


Mar. 26th, 2007 12:04 am
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. . . I'm going to head to Adonis. I want to see if those rumours about the clockwork grapes are true. It's a long shot, but it might be worth it.

Although I'll probably have to sneak out when Eyguebelle isn't around. It's a good thing he doesn't read my journal.

Haruhi, the second he's back we'll start The Plan. Sound good? Shouldn't take too long to get what we need~


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