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Having had Ari drop her off and not wanting to subject the boy to--whatever this world was, it was pretty crowded and intimidating, in any case--Alize entered the hospital alone. Or at least, as alone as she could be while surrounded by strangers. Alize was never much of one to be frightened by crowds, though, and she was busy being amazed by the ease she had getting in--she'd never seen so many handicap-friendly options in her life. If she was uncharacteristically hesitant, it was mostly because she was trying to keep her hopes from getting too high.

It was difficult, though. The hospital looked incredibly advanced, and she certainly wasn't the only one in a wheelchair. If they could fix all these people, they should be able to help fix her legs, right?

Just because people are here doesn't mean that they can be fixed, she reminded herself sternly, and wheeled herself up to what looked like the front desk, catching the attention of a receptionist. She kept her head high, though her knuckles were white from the force of her grip on her wheels.

"My name's Alize. I'm supposed to see either Dr. House or Dr. Cuddy?"


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