Jan. 15th, 2009 11:20 pm
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Planned out in minute, excruciating detail! )
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If I never see another feather, it'll be too soon. Hate gods. Thanks for worrying about me, Kyon, Daisuke.

Kaito, Aoko, are you ready to go? It might take a while to find the nomads, so we have to leave before noon. Hakuba and I are already packed.

((Alize'll be bringing a special foldable outdoor wheelchair made for going over sand and rough terrain.))
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I really, really hate gods. Like it wasn't bad enough when they first showed up here. Now there's even more of them. And what was with that one idiot guy who kept saying hockey is better than basketball?!

Okay, Kaito, Hakuba! This is a list of all the places on my world I know about. Just tell me which ones you want to go see first. And get Aoko and Akako to look at them too!

Blue Hawaii - It's this coastal city up north. A lot of people go there for vacation, but it's pretty boring.

the White Night Desert - A huge desert that takes up most of the middle of the continent. Supposedly only the nomads know how to get through the whole thing.

the City of Corpse - On the far side of the White Night Desert. Mostly demons and ghouls live there. I heard their new prince just got instated.

Sungria - There's a lot of mining done there, and it's mostly deserts and badlands. Kind of backwards, too. Like a western movie. Hakuba, you need to get more of those by the way. They're fun.

Aviation - It's a city south of the White Night Desert. They deal in electricity, and it's where the cat people live.

Rusty Nail - Near Widow's Kiss. They're really popular for their medicine and the Guardian Bird. The chief surgeon, Doctor Uryan, is really skilled. I've met him before.

Moulin Rouge - Also near my hometown. They're the funeral district to go along with the medicinal one. It's a really big city, though, and a lot of people visit it. There used to be a Love Tax, but I heard it was lifted a few years ago.

Czarine - The floating City of Ore. I don't really know a lot about it, except that you need to watch out for the Tovarisch.

Pompier - Pretty far north. They're known for their artists, and their paints and colours. The alcohol's supposed to be pretty good, too.

You guys've already been to Zaza, of course. There's no way we're going to the City of Thieves, even if I knew how to get there. Which I don't.

And then there's the ruined cities. Reviver, Orgeat, and Rocket Town. And Merry Widow.

((She's deliberately not mentioning Adonis because she wants to take Hakuba there sometime as a surprise, because she knows he'll like it. Last strike is unhackable except for uberhackers, ie. gods.))


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