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Oct. 25th, 2030 06:57 pm
dressedinmelody: headshot of Alize from King of Bandits: Jing, angry, shouting, and wielding a gun (killed by the swinging baton)
NAME ♭ Snap // Melody // Alize
AGE ♭ Appears in her late teens or very early twenties. Unknown actual age.

HEIGHT/BUILD ♭ About 5'3" or 4", with a skinny, athletic, tomboyish build
HAIR/EYE COLOUR ♭ Auburn hair, violet eyes
NOTABLE TRAITS ♭ Always wears her hair up in pigtails when she has the ties for them. She's also lame, paralyzed below the hips, with very faint scars patterned all the way up her limbs. They look oddly like a spiral of squashed music notes.

Her paralyzation is currently being counteracted by a mechanical leg reinforcement system implanted by Automaton. It looks like an intricate, steampunk version of a full leg brace, but rather than belting over cuffs, the bands and parts are embedded directly into her legs. This machinery enables her to have full (if imprecise) range of movement and somewhat stronger leg strength than average.

OTHER ♭ Is a natural singer and has a very strong, rich voice. Also has a stupidly quick temper.


Gifts for teammates - Make five wreaths using sunflower petals and whatever else she likes. Bonus stuff for getting teammates to wear them after. Taken from [personal profile] shedsfear. Issuing

Leg reinforcement machinery - Travel from one cabin to another at dawn or dusk, wearing a blindfold. Bring teammates to help carry her. Taken from Automaton. Issuing . Execution . Reward

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