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The Divine Melody is just Beginning

it's better to live with devils you can talk to

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Name:Snap // Melody // (Alizé)
Birthdate:Dec 23

Black and white scan of Alize from King of Bandits: Jing, in her wheelchair. Text: You can still listen and play music together, of course...
 Full Name: Alizé
Age: Early twenties (even she doesn't know)
Eye Colour: Violet
Hair Colour: Auburn
Height: 5'5"
Date Joined: December 2006
Canon Series: King of Bandits: Jing
Home World: Widow's Kiss, Jing's world
Currently Residing: With Hakuba's family
 Alizé is a former street orphan, and a lot of it shows in her attitude: impulsive, aggressive, stubborn, proud, and street smart. She's bad at communicating her feelings and showing restraint, and she's good at getting herself into all kinds of messes. For all of that, though, she's extremely loyal and incredibly brave, is never afraid to voice her opinion, and she'll do just about anything to defend the people she loves.
 Alizé is a professional singer, and is also skilled at several kinds of musical instruments. Her primary weapon is her hi-fi gun, a gun that shoots pressurized sound at varying pitch and volume to deal different amounts of damage. She also has the Invincible, a powerful song of destruction that can kill or mutate anyone who hears it. It was originally a trigger to the war machine of the same name, but it manifested itself into a new form within Alizé. She can't control it, and slips into a near-comatose state whenever she uses it. Disclaimer:
This journal is the work of the player's imagination, and does not reflect her personal views and values; it is purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made off of this character, unless you count free publicity and a few hours of fun each day. Standard disclaimers apply.

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Saguru Hakuba, Kenji Hakuba, Baaya, Gramps (deceased), the Passion Flower Choir (deceased)

Aoko, Colette, Darc, David, Ed, Haruhi, Jordan, Kaito, Kyon, Maraich, Pisco, Shiro, Train

Past Friends:
Ari, Axel, Demyx, Ed, Eva, Jing & Kir, Komui, Orlando, Roxas, Silver

any of the gods (especially Eris :|), the Earl, Michael Trinity, Vermouth

Akako, Cross, Eyguebelle, Itsuki, Rufus, Youji

From Demyx: Bermark, shells (from the beach party)
From Haruhi: karaoke machine, songbooks, purple hat and mittens, mic and recording software
From Orlando: music paper, purple sweater with black spirals
From Eva: Musetta's Waltz necklace
From Daisuke: jeweled picture frame
From Jordan: spidersilk hair ribbons, purple dress and matching hair ribbons, blue and purple scarf
From Ed: liuqin
From Kyon: Christmas songbook
From Hakuba: sneakers, silver music note earrings, new guitar
From Aoko: wheelchair gloves, pictures from when they went ice skating
From Baaya: hand-knit sweater
From Hakuba's dad: iPod
From Jing: Gramps' diary

Interests (28):

amnesia, assaulting people, astrology, bands, bardinet, being loud, choir, choral singing, composing, eyguebelle, gramps, harmonies, history, idk my bff bardinet, instruments, jing, kir, manga, merry widow, music, musical notation, orchestra, singing, sound, sports, symphony, the invisible, theatre
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