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Trivial Negative: A snippet from Essays of the Taxidermy Priest IV.
Canon: Volume 6, pages 25-26.
Date and Place: 'Day' 94, Game 77
Form: Monocle. [6/8 uses]
Taken: Yes.

They say music is the tremble of the soul searching for words.

Whether or not a single melody can capture a person's heart
An uncountable number of words in a musical score
Try to capture all that there is.

The music that strokes the ear and instantly passes —
That in itself is already tragically fleeting.

Each of those words is correct without exaggeration
And each of those words is incorrect.

That's why
Carelessly attaching words to music
Is to carelessly bring tragedy to flesh and blood.

Let melody be melody!
Let music be music!


  • This is the second time music's come up in a memory. Maybe it's a Thing.
  • Why do I even have a memory of something like this?
  • Music and words bringing "tragedy to flesh and blood" sounds kind of ominous...
  • I guess Kit wasn't too off with that naming thing.
  • Does this have anything to do with the plant man from before?



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