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Oct. 25th, 2030 06:57 pm
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NAME ♭ Snap // Melody // Alize
AGE ♭ Appears in her late teens or very early twenties. Unknown actual age.

HEIGHT/BUILD ♭ About 5'3" or 4", with a skinny, athletic, tomboyish build
HAIR/EYE COLOUR ♭ Auburn hair, violet eyes
NOTABLE TRAITS ♭ Always wears her hair up in pigtails when she has the ties for them. She's also lame, paralyzed below the hips, with very faint scars patterned all the way up her limbs. They look oddly like a spiral of squashed music notes.

Her paralyzation is currently being counteracted by a mechanical leg reinforcement system implanted by Automaton. It looks like an intricate, steampunk version of a full leg brace, but rather than belting over cuffs, the bands and parts are embedded directly into her legs. This machinery enables her to have full (if imprecise) range of movement and somewhat stronger leg strength than average.

OTHER ♭ Is a natural singer and has a very strong, rich voice. Also has a stupidly quick temper.


Gifts for teammates - Make five wreaths using sunflower petals and whatever else she likes. Bonus stuff for getting teammates to wear them after. Taken from [personal profile] shedsfear. Issuing

Leg reinforcement machinery - Travel from one cabin to another at dawn or dusk, wearing a blindfold. Bring teammates to help carry her. Taken from Automaton. Issuing . Execution . Reward

  • Usually goes to bed a couple of hours before midnight unless she's working on something important. Will grump loudly and throw pillows at anyone who keeps her up past that time with noisy projects.
  • That said, gets up early! Usually just after dawn, though if she wakes up earlier than that she'll just draw out her morning routine a little more.
  • Said morning routine currently consists of checking her leg implants if they're being stiff or finicky, doing stretches, and bathroom stuff. Then she'll grab a handful of whatever's available in the kitchen and go exploring/exercising for a bit when the monsters are gone. She comes back whenever she guesses Drift is going to be done making breakfast, pokes her nose into the business of anyone still in the cabin, then heads back out again if there isn't anything for her to do.
  • Before she used to travel between the ring and Citrine and not much else, since she was still getting used to her new legs and would occasionally just sort of have to sit down and get stranded somewhere. She's doing better now, and usually spends the afternoon questing for supplies or wandering or... poking her nose into other people's business. She also likes hanging around the ring and seeing what kind of people (and Personae) show up.
  • Once she takes her most recent couple of memories, she's going to take to hanging around the edge of the sunflowers (the far edge, where people aren't likely to hear her) and practicing her singing. She isn't actually all that great at it — not because she doesn't know how to sing, but because she only remembers one song, which is instrumental, and hasn't regained her skills for composing or reading music.
  • That said, she's also going to start dropping by Onyx's library in the evening and looking for any books on music or war.
  • Swings by whenever for lunch or sometimes misses it entirely, but she usually comes back around the same time every night for dinner, then hangs around doing chores/memories/taking baths/whatever until bed.

  • Totally called dibs on a window bed. She likes being able to listen to the night sounds, and/or hang outside the window and talk to people. Now that her legs are working she might take to actually sitting on the window ledge, depending.
  • Sprawls all over her bed but sleeps pretty quietly.
  • Loves sweets and will totally fight Sunlight for them and probably lose
  • Does her fair share of chores, usually in the evening. Dishes, sweeping, you name it.
  • Keeps her memories under her bed but is considering figuring out how to make a self. (The nail tree should be good for something, after all.)
  • Is kinda... distant with Drift. Sometimes. Except when they're doing chores together or he's being dere at her. HE CONFUSES HER.
  • Jokes around with everyone else except Kurei and Rose. Kurei keeps to himself anyway and Rose ALSO CONFUSES HER.
  • Doesn't seem to care much about modesty despite being in a cabin full of guys. She'll occasionally sleep in her underwear and not give a crap if people see her. Will, however, kick any guys out of the bathroom if she's taking a bath, and she changes clothes where people can't see (though that sometimes consists of "getting dressed under my sleeping robe").
  • Expect her to start randomly bringing home things she finds interesting once there are more unlocks. "Hey, do you think we can eat this plant? :D?"

  • The hill, including the ring
  • In and around Citrine's cabin
  • Out in the sunflowers
  • The very edges of the cliffs and dunes
  • Pestering teams she likes (particularly Coral) (this will probably expand to include knights in the near future)
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