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♬ - Priority memory
♯ - Priority skill

★ - Headcanon memory/skill
Locked memory or skill

Significant Positive

Happy memories of growing up in the orphanage with Gramps and the other kids
Jing drawing her back from the Invincible's song and then destroying it
Listening to Eyguebelle and Jing's talk on the cliff over the city
♬★ Classical, opera, and orchestral music (ie. all the classical, opera, and orchestral songs and arrangements she's learned or has heard of, along with some of the finer details of terminology and performing them; same for all below)
♬★ Pop and 'easy rock' music
♪★ Country music (including honky tonk)
♬★ Hip-hop and R&B music (including doo wop and rap)
♪★ Jazz, swing, soul, and blues music
♪★ A capella and acoustic music [Memory 7]
♪★ Rock, punk, ska, and metal music [Memory 6]
♪★ Dance, techno, and funk music
♪★ Folk and ethnic music
♪★ Hymns and mass music

Significant Negative

Coming back to the orphanage to find Eyguebelle slaughtered everyone [Memory 5]
Assaulting the not!Bardinet only to find out the real Bardinet is a plant
Being under attack from Eyguebelle's soldiers, with Bardinet's old band members being tased and captured
Discovering the collection of weapons from the War of Grammar [Memory 3]
Being attacked in the weapons room by Eyguebelle's soldiers
Entering the ruins of the old orphanage
Entering the room with the Invincible to find Eyguebelle there
Eyguebelle revealing how she and the other orphans were the trigger to the Invicible... aaand shooting her
Going psycho destructo mode with the Invincible

Significant Neutral

Meeting Jing while being chased by Eyguebelle's goons
Telling Jing about her plans and past
Abducting Bardinet
Entering the slums of Merry Widow
Leaving Merry Widow to start a new city

Trivial Neutral

Telling Jing and Kir about the Maisterzingers
Bardinet asking if she wants to be shown the truth [Starter Memory]

Trivial Positive

Attending the Faceless Concert with Jing [Memory 2]
Bardinet having a street jam with his old band members
♬ The songs Gramps taught her as a child (sub memory of the "happy childhood memories" sig positive)

Trivial Negative

Listening to the shopkeeper explain about the War of Grammar while pretending to be asleep
Ranting about Eyguebelle in front of the giant record player
A snippet from After the War of Words [Memory 4]
A snippet from Essays of the Taxidermy Priest IV [Memory 1]

Mundane Skills

♯ Choral singing
Solo singing [Skill 1]
♯ Reading music
♯ Firearms handling (sound weapons)

♮★ Playing musical instruments (basic skill with all types)
♮★ Instrument tuning
♮★ Songwriting
♮★ Dancing
♮★ Street survival (food scrounging, finding shelter, busking details, etc.)

Special Skills

♮ The Weapon of Song (ie. ability to trigger the Invincible)


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