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Significant Negative: Coming back to the orphanage to find Eyguebelle slaughtered everyone.
Canon: Volume 6, pages 21-23. (This is her childhood experience of the actual event, not the narrative recounting that's taking place in the book.)
Date and Place: Day 104, Game whatever
Form: Memories come in the form of laurel wreaths. Wear ‘em to get the memory! No sharing :(
Taken: Yes.


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  • Yeah, so this one gave Alize a bit of a BSOD, partially due to its severity, and partially due to it blindsiding her out of nowhere. All of her memories so far have been concerned with the history of the War of Grammar and her search for Bardinet; she had no hint of the tragedy in her past, and no idea something of this magnitude was coming along. Even the memory itself starts off unassuming: she's a child, coming home from an inconsequential errand on a sunny day, generally happy and content with her life... and she opens the door of her home to find her entire foster family brutally murdered in the cruellest way possible. It's the biggest emotional punch in the gut that she's going to get from any of her memories.
  • Snap has no idea who killed them, or why — in the memory she's in too much shock to start thinking that it might be Eyguebelle, so the emotion is all that comes through. And they're bad emotions. This is the first time she's ever remembered what it felt like to have a real family, and it's a good and happy and warm feeling that's abruptly ripped away from her in the most awful way before she ever gets the chance to appreciate it.
  • This is probably going to affect her relationship with Citrine a lot. She's slowly been getting closer to them and other non-team friends, and some of the recent games and their consequences have made her realize that when her friends get hurt, it's painful to her as well. This memory is a sharp example of just how bad that pain can get, and she wants to avoid it at all costs. For now, she's going to compensate by working twice as hard to protect her team and her friends in any way she can, but if that proves to be impossible in the future, she may start withdrawing from familial relationships altogether.
  • She also feels the need to do something to shake off the feelings of horror and helplessness that the memory leaves her with — she's experiencing it as a child, so all of the emotions are more frightening and acute than they would be if the memory had been from a later time. This, combined with her new super protective urges, is what prompts her to go to Odile and offer to quest to get Kurei's heart back — and to push herself far harder than she needs to in the process.

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