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Alize gripped the wheels of her chair a little tighter than necessary as she made her way up to Kaito's front door. Much as she wanted to know what the story was behind his being Kaitou Kid, and much as she knew that there was no way in hell he could explain that at Hakuba's, she hadn't really wanted to come out here. She'd deliberately been avoiding going out into public ever since the others had brought her back from Merry Widow. She still didn't trust herself, even around her friends, and the possibility that her 'ability' might go off in a crowded public place terrified her to the bone.

She didn't want to be another Widow maker. She didn't want to prove that Eyguebelle might have been right to do what he did. She didn't want to find out that that -- that bomb would go off every time she was angry.

She didn't want to make Hakuba and the others sorry that they'd brought her back to the only home she'd known in a long while.

In her mind, that had originally equated to running away to a place where none of those things could happen -- because in Merry Widow they'd already happened and there wasn't anything left to destroy. But that plan had failed, and she knew her surrogate family wouldn't let her take off a second time. What was more, she didn't have anywhere left to hide. There were a few more abandoned cities on her world that she knew of, but she didn't know the territory or the gangs of any of them, and she was under no illusions that she could survive in such a place without that knowledge. For better or for worse, she was stuck in Ekoda, and as long as that was the case, she was minimizing her human contact as much as possible.

She didn't want to hurt another friend like she'd hurt Haruhi.

Kaito didn't seem to get that. He kept pushing her into going to public places, seeing friends, when she couldn't even get him to admit that she'd killed people. Innocent people, not just akuma. She didn't know if he was in denial, or whether he honestly didn't know that it was true. With Kaito, either was equally possible.

The singer took a shaky breath of cold, damp, early-April air.

She wasn't even sure if Hakuba knew it was true. Doyle had video proof, she was sure of it, but he was smart enough to argue with his creator. He could have kept the information from Hakuba if he wanted to. Then again, if Hakuba did know, could he keep the information from the police?

She wasn't sure she wanted to know. And she was too afraid to ask.

In any case, part of the reason she'd agreed to come was because she was intent on drilling the fact that she was dangerous through Kaito's thick skull. At least Hakuba was smart enough to get out of the way if -- when -- she went crazy. Doyle could be rebuilt, if it came right down to it. But Kaito and Haruhi?

Alize shuddered. She'd already seen a small example of what she could do to them. She didn't want a bigger one. She needed to know they'd run if it happened again, if only for her peace of mind.

Wheeling right up to the porch, she got out of her chair and sat on the top step while she easily lifted the whole thing up over the stairs. Building back up to her old arm strength had been easy once she got over the initial 'hill', and she was back to her habit of bringing her light, foldable chair to people's houses so that she could get around stairs if she needed to. It was slow and awkward to have to keep getting in and out of her chair to get up or around things, but it was better than being stuck entirely.

Alize heaved herself back into the seat and rolled up to the front door, ringing the bell.
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