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Trivial Negative: A snippet from After the War of Words.
Canon: Volume 6, pages 63-64.
Date and Place: Day 103, Game 82
Form: They come in the form of the usual black feathers. [6/7 uses]
Taken: Yes.

At the miserable end of that war
All the verbs became bullets
All the nouns became explosives
And the crisp interjections
Became sharp sounds that resounded all over.

The conversations in the trenches
Soon became codes nobody could understand.
Emotions dispersed...and
We transformed into them.

All of those who were there
Could only worry about protecting themselves.
Punctuation was out of the question...
Nothing to do but keep spinning your tongue.

Soon the atmosphere changed shape
Arms and legs and backs and stomachs returned to
simply being it.
But many mouths in a few days
Continued working everywhere.

The War of Grammar was ended with this battle.

And so the ceasefire
Was settled in total silence
In this ceremony where nobody
Said a word.

People would soon call it
The Wordless Signature.

(From part 15 of After the War of Words)




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