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Significant Negative: Discovering the collection of weapons from the War of Grammar.
Canon: Volume 6, pages 62-65 (skipping the excerpt).
Date and Place: Day 99, Game 81
Form: These memories come in small wooden boxes in your team colors. Opening the lid will show you the memory. They are shareable and unlimited.
Taken: Yes.


  • Those instruments go way beyond creepy to disturbing and unsettling.
  • Oh. They're not instruments. They're tools of war.
  • They're... both? But the whole place looks like an abandoned museum — maybe they're not in use any more...
  • Bardinet is the plant guy! So he's the one we were looking for?
  • Antique weapons... then they definitely aren't in use any more. The musical mural on the wall must be showing what happened — the War of Grammar?
  • ...I'm really angry about this for some reason. "Painted over with peace or tragedy"? So the war ending was a lie? How come it still isn't over for me?


  • -20 tolerance for things being covered up! Especially important things. Add to that a +40 desire to know the truth of things, even if it's an ugly truth.
  • +1 name, finally. Unfortunately it isn't hers or either of her mysterious companions, but she'll be watching for it to come up again.
  • +100 curiosity about the war. She's eager to know exactly what happened and why it's so important for her. Does it have to do with the "truth" Bardinet was talking about before? Is there a chance that he hadn't been talking about Aather at all?
  • +50 curiosity about everything, who the hell is Bardinet anyway.
  • +50 music can be used as a weapon! She was already a little worried about her newfound ability to sing thanks to her previous memories, and this just adds to that. It won't stop her from using that skill, but she's going to be very wary about doing so and keep it mostly to herself. Which is saying a lot, considering it's Snap.


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