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Trivial Positive: Attending the Faceless Concert with Jing.
Canon: Volume 6, pages 28-33.
Date and Place: Day 97, Game ?
Form: Super ornate sugar roses! LIKE OBSCENELY ORNATE. SO REALISTIC LOOKING YOU MIGHT EVEN TRY TO HUFF THEM BEFORE REALIZING THEY ARE MADE OF SUGAR. They are all red. Red as Maleficent's hair, if you pay attention to that kind of thing.
Taken: Yes.


  • Sweet, sneaking into a special concert via the back door.
  • Looking for a performer named Bardinet, huh... I wonder what we want him for?
  • Speaking of "we", who's the weird guy and the bird?
  • A concert put on by the musicians of the War of Grammar? There was a war?
  • Enough of a war to leave a lot of performers with nasty battle scars that they don't ever want to show in public.
  • Wow, this song...
  • ...Wow.
  • I've heard this song before. A lot. It's got a feeling of nostalgia to it. Why?
  • Who are the three guys in the picture I'm holding? Is the one I'm staring at that Bardinet guy?
  • And when the hell am I going to find out my name?!


  • +80 Doing Reckless (and possibly illegal) Things Works And Is Fun! Yeah.
  • +1000000 tolerance for weird things, non-humanoid people, etc. Her world is bizarre. Talking birds and hand puppet conductors and people playing instruments in drawers is the norm here.
  • Her last memory suddenly seems to have a lot more meaning in this context, and between the two of them, Snap is starting to feel a bit wary about the potential ability of music to change lives — emotionally and physically, and for the worse.
  • Despite that, +1000 appreciation for good music.
  • Since this is the "first" time Snap has heard this song, and she isn't yet used to the music of her world, it's going to grip her just as much as it would an outsider — she'll probably be crying by the time the memory ends. Just a little bit.

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