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Mundane Skill: Solo singing.
Date and Place: Day 95, Skill Game 11
Description: Basically the ability to sing professionally as a soloist. This includes:
  • How to warm up
  • How to harmonize with herself and with instruments
  • Performance details (how to project, compensate for having a mic, etc.)
  • Technical details (how to slide up or down a scale without losing power, the difference between holding high and low notes, how to trill, etc.)
This does not include the knowledge of any actual songs. |D

(Note: This skill is kind of half-headcanon, since the only time we see Alize singing solo is when she's triggering the Invincible (and that looks like some kind of musical nonsense), but presumably growing up in a choir at a music academy in a city devoted to music has given her some proper skill at this.)



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